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Val Namagon, Optician

Our optical shop features an extensive selection of frames form all ages, tastes and budgets. We work with you to choose a frame that not only suits your taste and price range but can also accommodate the lenses you select. Some of the designer brands our Optical shop offers includes:

We offer the latest in lens materials and coatings, including ultra-thin, polycarbonate, scratch-resistant, polarized, bifocal, trifocal, multifocal, progressive, polarized, anti-reflective, UV-coated and more. Lenses come in the latest configurations and shapes.

Contact Lenses

Contact LensesOver 30 million people in the United States wear contact lenses, according to the American Optometric Association. Unlike glasses, contact lenses move with your eyes so you can enjoy a larger field of vision with fewer distortions. You also don't have to deal with frames hovering in your peripheral vision or external lenses that fog up on cold days or get wet in the rain.

There are many different kinds of contacts, including rigid and flexible, extended wear, disposable, bifocal and tinted lenses. After a thorough eye exam and consultation Dr. Mang, patients who qualify for contact lenses can discuss which type is right for them. All contact lenses require special care and cleaning. Regular follow-up visits are an important part of ensuring your prescription is current and your eyes remain healthy.

Before you can wear contact lenses, you'll need two things: a refraction exam and a pair of glasses. All our patients need to have glasses before being fitted for contact lenses. We require this for a few reasons. There are times when you won't be able to wear contacts – at night, for example, or when the eye is irritated. You'll need a backup, and that backup is a pair of glasses.

Once you have your prescription and glasses, you can come in for a contact lens fitting.

Contact Lens Fitting

If you have never worn contacts before, the first thing you'll do is come in for a consultation with Dr. Mang. Using specialized instruments, he will measure the diameter and zone radius of each of your eyes. This data is used to calculate your eyes' base curve, the key to crafting your new contact lenses so they fit snugly but comfortably on your corneas and are optimized to your specific vision requirements.

After determining your base curve, Dr. Mang will give you a trial contact lens to wear in each eye. He observes how the lens fits as you move your eye to look in different directions, then decides whether the lens is the correct size and shape or if you need a steeper or flatter curve.

Once you have your new lenses, you will go to another room and meet with our technician, who will show you how to put in your new contacts and how to clean them. She will also discuss eye hygiene and lens maintenance with you.

If you have worn contacts before, all you'll need is a prescription check. Once you have your new prescription you can go online and order your new contacts through www.primaryecp.com/clearvision or (866) 633.3536.