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Glaucoma Testing & Treatment

GlaucomaGlaucoma is a common disease that affects older patients. It involves progressing damage to the optic never in the eye causing, which causes severe vision loss.  Glaucoma is a disease that can go undetected in the early stages, and most patients are unaware that they are suffering from a disease that can possibly take their vision.

Even though Glaucoma is a common eye disease, doctors don’t understand the exact causes. It is believed that Glaucoma is related to the abnormalities of the draining system in the eye. If internal problems cause poor drainage of the eye fluid the intraocular eye pressure will increase, causing the eye to inflate. This increasing pressure may be one of the ways the optic nerve is damaged.


In the early stages of Glaucoma there are very few recognizable symptoms, especially to the patient. That is why it is important to have Dr. Mang run an Optic Nerve Analysis and Visual Field Test if you are at risk. As Glaucoma advances, your vision loss will be apparent, and peripheral vision may be lost. Typically, central vision will be strong, but will deteriorate over time.


If Glaucoma is caught in the early stages it can be treated with eye drops that will help to lower eye pressure. These medications will work to decrease the fluid produced by the eye. As less fluid is produced there is less pressure on the eye. If Glaucoma is not caught early enough, surgery will be required. During this procedure, a small incision is made in the drainage system, creating a new channel to allow for more normal flow of fluid.


Optic Nerve Analysis

Optic Nerve AnalysisGlaucoma is an eye disease that increases the pressure in the eye. It is impossible to see the disease in the early stages because there are usually no physical symptoms. The high pressure associated with Glaucoma has the ability to damage your optic nerve before you experience any noticeable symptoms. This is why it is important that Dr. Mang uses the Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph (HRT) to analyze the optic never and determine if there is any damage. This Optic Never Analysis allows Dr. Mang to discover and diagnose Glaucoma before the disease progresses.

When you undergo the Optic Never Analysis you will be asked to cover one eye, and look into the machine so that a picture can be take of the back of your eye.

 Visual Field Test

GlaucomaThe Humphrey Field Analyzer allows for Glaucoma diagnosis based on the quality of your peripheral vision. The machine has the ability to compare data from your test, to patients who have undergone the same test, to determine the progression and stage of your specific condition. It also allows Dr. Mang to determine if you are at a higher risk for developing Glaucoma.

It is important that patients who may be at risk for Glaucoma, especially because of family history, undergo these tests regularly to prevent the serious vision loss associated with Glaucoma.