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Justin Mang, MDWelcome to Justin Mang, MD On-Line. Dr. Mang is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist in private practice since 1976.

Dr. Mang and his staff want you to feel comfortable making an appointment with our office by giving you the opportunity to find out what to expect and how we think you will notice an improvement in the personal care you will receive. We understanding the importance of being comfortable with your eye care provider.

Dr. Mang invites you to look through a typical patient experience at his office. From the time you walk in the door to your eye examination and treatment, we want you to feel comfortable with your experience.


Justin Mang, MDWhen you arrive you will be asked to…

Sign in at the front desk, if this is your first visit our friendly staff will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire concerning your eye health and medical history. After checking in you will be asked to have a seat in our waiting area. In most cases Dr. Mang himself will enter the waiting area and bring you into the examination room. It is very important to him that all of our patients are treated with individualized personal attention and care.


During your eye exam…

Dr. Mang will start by reviewing your personal eye history answering any questions you may have. It is important to express any concerns, changes in vision, or changes in medical history that you may have at this time. This is when Dr. Mang is able to connect directly with his patients and establish an understanding of your personal condition and expectations for the overall outcome of your visit with him.

Once Dr. Mang feels that he has a solid understanding of your current condition and your expected outcome he will begin your examination.

After your eye evaluation…

Depending on the results of the examination and tests, Dr. Mang will be able to determine your eye care needs. He may refer you to an optician for glasses or contact lenses,  schedule you for a follow up visit, or recommend any needed procedure. Dr. Mang will thoroughly discuss your eye care options with you, and make sure that you are informed, and comfortable with your next steps.

Learn more about procedures Dr. Mang will discuss with you:

Your Next Step

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Dr. Mang and his staff look forward serving your eye care needs!